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      After taking a moment to glance around the room, Grell's eyes locked on yours. "You're going to be next." Rushing towards you, Grell took your hand and pulled you to your feet. "Come on now, we have many players left and so very little time for everyone to take a turn."

Heeding his words, you walked up the center of the great room to take your turn. Plunging your hand into the large red handbag Grell was holding out for you, you begin looking for an item. A moment later, you decided on a soft piece of cloth. After pulling it out of the bag, you notice it had the letter "S" embroidered on it, along with a small kitten silhouette. "I think I already know, but whose handkerchief is this?"

Sebastian immediately stood up to claim it, but Grell quickly intervened. "No, I was supposed to get my Bassy's item, not you, now put it back." Throwing a slight tantrum, he angrily stomped his feet and flailed around. "No one's going to be in the closet with him but me."

Despite Grell's outburst, Sebastian continued walking your way with a calm smile on his face. "Now Grell, I don't believe that's the way this game is played. Perhaps we'll play this again sometime. You may get your chance then." He turned to you and smiled, holding out his hand. "May I?"

A blush crept over your face as you nodded, giving him your hand. "You may."

"Oh, this is just making me sick. Will you two please get into the closet already? I want this to be over with already." Throwing down the handbag, Grell proceeded to shove the two of you in the closet. "Now, you have seven minutes, no more, but maybe less if I get suspicious. And keep your hands off my Bassy." With that, he slammed the door shut, locking you both inside a dark closet.

"This is quite a strange place to have an encounter with a lady. Leave it to someone as eccentric as Grell to come up with the idea. I do apologize miss, but I do find it a bit distasteful. " A slight blush gave color to his pale face. "That being said, I won't stop you from doing whatever you want to do." He smiled again.

You didn't want to do anything Sebastian would disprove of, it would just make things awkward. On the other hand, it would be fun to do just enough to make Grell mad. A bit nervously you moved closer to him. "Well, I don't want to do anything too wild while we're in here."

Sebastian laughed. "You don't need to be so nervous, I don't bite, unless of course you want me to, in which case I will most happily oblige."

His suggestion made you blush horribly. "Oh, I don't know about all that. I was just thinking about doing a little something to make Grell jealous, you know, since you aren't big on the whole idea of being in here anyway. But our time in here is pretty short, so I don't know what all we can do."

"Well then my lady, I suppose we had better start." Sebastian quickly, but gently drew you into his arms. "If I cross any lines, please let me know, I would hate to have such a lovely young lady upset with me." He lifted your chin up, eyes smiling brightly into yours. Slowly he pressed his lips against yours and kissed you gently. Though gentle, it took your breath away. More than enjoying the kiss, you kissed back, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and bringing him in closer to you. Now knowing he wasn't out of bounds, Sebastian deepened the kiss. He brought a hand into your hair and entangled his fingers in your strands. You found it hard to believe he wasn't big on this idea, he was doing it so well. Maybe he just really wanted to torment Grell. Either way, you didn't care, you were enjoying every moment of him. He had moved from  your lips to your neck, his kisses sent little shivers all over your body.

Without any kind of warning, Grell swung the door open with a loud thud. "That's enou- Bassy, what are you doing? Stop touching her this instant. Why are your hands in her hair? Remove your lips from her neck." Fuming mad, he was having a full blown fit.

Though he didn't want to, Sebastian stopped, as ordered and smiled. "Grell, you came up with this game. I was only following the rules you previously laid out for us. So if you're upset, the only one here to blame is you." Smiling, Sebastian began helping you out of the closet. "Besides, I quite enjoyed myself, despite the awkward circumstances. Perhaps this game wasn't such a bad idea after all." Leaving the rest of the group behind, you and Sebastian walked off together towards the kitchen.

"Bassy, what do you mean you enjoyed yourself? Get back in this closet. Do you hear me? Don't make me come over there, you know I will." Grell let out an angry squeal and began chasing after you.
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