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         “Come with me deary, It's high past your turn to play.” Grell took your hand and brought you to the center of the room. “Go ahead, don't be shy now.” He pushed the purse towards you. “Go ahead and pick an item for yourself.”

You happily placed your hand inside the bright red purse and began searching for an item. Nothing was really grabbing your attention, there was simply to much for you to identify. Finally you settled on something. It was a bone, nothing special about it, just a regular, slightly chewed on bone. “So, who put what was left of their dinner in here?”

Pluto's ears perked up, a wide open mouthed smile exploded across his face as he ran to you on all fours. He sniffed around where you were standing then sat, waiting for your command.

“Well this will prove interesting.” Grell covered his mouth as he laughed. “Let's get you and Pluto into the close then shall we?” Pluto ran into the closet and patiently waited for you. “You're lucky, he's actually wearing his clothes today.” Grell laughed again as you walked in with Pluto. “I'll be back in seven minutes. Be a good boy Pluto.” With that the door was shut and locked.

“I guess you don't talk then.” You began rubbing Pluto behind the ear.

Pluto let out a little whining noise and pressed his face into your hand. He was much stronger than he realized. This simple gesture had enough strength to knock you on your back. Pluto let out a delighted howl, jumping on tip of you as he nuzzled his nose in your neck.

“Careful Pluto. You're going to squish me.” You rubbed his head and snuggled him close. Pluto licked the side of your face and bit into your shoulder. Your faced turned bright red as you gasped.

Thinking he must have hurt you, Pluto quickly moved away from you and whimpered. He almost looked scared now.

“It's okay Pluto. You didn't hurt me.” You walked to where he was curled up in the corner of the closet and wrapped your arms around him. “You just surprised me a little is all.” You gave him a reassuring squeeze.

His happiness returned as quickly as it had gone. Pluto once again tackled you to the floor and nuzzled you. He was giving you his equivalent of kisses, you knew you were going to have to do something about that.

“Pluto, you kiss like this.” You placed a hand on his face and gently brought his lips to yours.  “See? It's less slobbery that way.” Pluto gave you a confused look, but repeated your actions, gently placing his hand on your cheek and kissing you. You couldn't keep yourself from blushing as he did. He pulled away a second later and gave you a wide smile, exposing his pointy canines. “Good job, just like that.” You gave his head a rewarding pat.

Grell opened the door only seconds later. “Looks like you two had a little fun.” He giggled, fanning himself as if hot.

Pluto let out a loud howl and kissed you again, wanting to show Grell his new trick.

“Oh dear, what have you done? Demon dogs are hard enough to handle as is, but now you're sexualizing him as well. I'm sure Bassy will just love that.”

“I didn't mean to, but he was licking me, and I.” You went silent. “This is going to be bad, isn't it?”

Pluto half dragged you to Sebastian, then barked to gain his attention. Once he was sure he had Sebastian undivided attention, Pluto kissed you yet again, displaying his new skill to Sebastian as well.

A deep frown covered Sebastian's face. “What have you done?” He sighed. “He'll be trying to kiss every woman he see's now. I suggest you find a way to to teach him the appropriate times for kissing. Otherwise he won't be able to leave the house.” Sebastian walked away, leaving you with your task.
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