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January 14, 2013
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         Grell calls you to the middle of the room to pick out an item from his purse. You feel around, picking a small item as yours. It's a piece of candy baring the Funtom label. Even though you know Ciel ran the Funtom company, you weren't sure if he was the one who put the candy in the purse. "Is this your item master Ciel?" You held the small item between your thumb and pointer fingers for him to see.

Ciel didn't look pleased that you were holding his item. He nodded. "Yes, unfortunately it is. I thought with an item as small as that, my chances of getting picked were rather slim. Apparently not." He scoffed and stood up, reluctantly heading for the closet.

"Oh my, he doesn't seem happy at all now does he? You'd better hurry along now before he get's impatient with you." Grell giggled as he walked you to the closet. "I'll be back for you two in seven minutes now." He winked and blew you both a kiss. "Have fun." The door now shut and locked, you sat in darkness with Ciel.

"This is stupid. Why would someone come up with something like this. It's almost as bad as the time I had to wear a dress." He sat cross armed and crossed legged against the wall with a cross look on his face. "I suppose it's not really your fault though. Grell did drag you into this too."

You didn't want to tell him that you actually liked the idea. He was mad enough already. But you didn't want your turn to be a waste either. Something had to happen. "Well, Grell is a little weird you know. He can't help it."

A loud banging came from the outside of the door. "It's way too quiet in there, don't make me restart the seven minutes. I will. You two need to do some kissing." Grell was serious. You didn't doubt he'd keep you in there all day just so he could have his way.

Ciel's face was no longer angry, but embarrassed. "I really don't like him at all. I should just get Sebastian to let us out." He sighed. "But to order him about for something so minute, perhaps, we should just do as Grell says. I don't want to, so don't go getting the wrong idea." He was raising his voice slightly, more out of embarrassment than anger.

You nodded slowly. "That's fine by me. You don't have to explain yourself."

"Good, then let's get this over with." Ciel just sat there, arms still crossed waiting for you to make the first move. Figuring he wasn't going to do anything, you moved closer to him. He didn't protest or move away as you hugged him, so you gently placed a kiss on his cheek. No sooner had you, than his face exploded into a blush. Still he didn't say anything. You moved your kiss from his cheek to his mouth. "Okay, I think that's enough. I don't know how much more of this stupidity I can take."

Grell swung open the door. "I suppose it will have to do." He sighed. "You two could make such a cute couple if that darn Lizzy wasn't in the way. Of course, I could always take car of her if you wanted me to."

Ciel shook his head as he left the closet. "That won't be necessary, you've done quite enough damage for one day Grell. I'd prefer from this point on you stay out of my personal affairs."

Grell grasped his chest, with a feigned look of pain plastered to his face. "I was only trying to help. How you wound me Ciel." He winked. "But I know how it is, being torn between two lovers. Just be true to your heart."

"Shut up you fool, I was talking about you changing the logo on my candy." Ciel sighed.
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Mimi-Chanchu Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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Grell, I demand you kill Elizabeth and bring her flesh so that I may eat it.
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