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          You followed Grell's orders, walking up to the center of the room and placing your hand inside the bright red purse. After feeling around for a moment you come upon something easily recognizable. You lift it out of the handbag and look at it. "A toy spider. Whose is this?"

"It's mine of course." Alois scoffed at your question. "You can keep that. I don't want it back. Think of it as a sort of charity." He grinned at you sarcastically. "Why are we still standing out here anyway? I want to get inside the closet, like five minutes ago." He grabbed your hand and quickly dragged you off to the closet. "Okay, let's do this."

Grell followed you two to the closet. "Okay you two, have fun." He smiled wide, revealing his pointy teeth at you both. "Don't do anything I wouldn't now. We don't want to have any problems." He laughed and shut the door.

"Wait, it's dark in here. I don't like the dark." Alois began stumbling around the closet looking for some source of light. "I hate it when it's dark." He pointed a shaking finger in your direction. "You, make it light in here. I don't care how you do it, just do it."

"But, I don't have anything for light. There's no window in the closet." You began feeling around for matches, candles, something that could make light.

"Don't give me excuses, I don't want to hear them! I gave you an order and I expect you to follow it." Alois clung to you like a scared child, making your search even more difficult than it already was. "Hurry it up, I'm beginning to feel ill." He tightened his already suffocating grip on you.

Finally you were able to locate a small box of matches. You lit a match and with the light it produced, found a candle to use. "There, is that better?"

"Of course." He relaxed his grip on you. "I was never scared you know. I just needed an excuse to get in your arms." He grinned. "You're easily tricked you know. How could someone like me be afraid of something like the dark?" He pressed your faces together and continued cuddling you close. "No matter, my plan worked." Alois moved in front of you and grabbed your face with both of his hands. "Now that I can see your face, you'll kiss me." He began somewhat awkwardly kissing you. It took him a moment to figure out what he was doing, but once he got the hang of things it wasn't so bad. You kissed and cuddled back, which sent Alois into a full blown blush and shock. "Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

"I was just kissing back. Sorry?" You were obviously confused.

"Well you should be. I never gave you permission to kiss me. Besides, it's not very lady like at all." Alois moved away from you, nose in the air as Grell opened the door.

"Oh, what's the matter, things not work out?" Grell pouted. "I suppose there's always next time." He helped you out of the closet as Alois ran over to Claude.

"What's wrong highness, darkness get to you?" Claude seemed to be asking more out of spite than actual concern for Alois.

Alois made a failed attempt at whispering to Claude. "Hush now Claude. She kissed me while we were in the closet together. I think she might like me, so don't ruin things for me. I think I might just string her along a bit first, just to test out her loyalty."
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