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May 18, 2013
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       “Be careful up there, and make sure you don't look down.” Against Agni's better judgment, he'd allowed you to be the one to climb to the roof. Since your first step on the ladder, he'd been begging you to be careful or to come down. “Please, why don't you let me do that, I would never be able to forgive myself is something were to happen to you.”

“I'll be just fine. You just worry about holding that ladder steady.” You took the last few steps up reaching the roof without any problems. “Which way am I going now? Everything looks different from up here.”

“To your left, but please, do be careful. Are you sure you don't want me to come up there with you?” He was already about to start up the ladder.

“No, no. You stay down there. If you come up, who will hold the ladder steady when we come back down?” Walking in the direction Agni pointed you, you started your search. “I don't see anything up here. Are you sure Ciel isn't just hearing things?”

Agni yelled to you from the ground. “I don't think so, others have heard the same sound. I could come help you look, I really don't mind.”

Annoyed by his constant offers to come help. You ignored him. You were determined to do this on your own, no matter how long it took. After a few more moments of wandering aimlessly on the roof, you found the source of the noise. “Agni, there's a birds nest up here. It's full of baby chicks.” You looked around for any sign of a mother bird. “They look hungry, I think they might have been abandoned. What do you want me to do?”

“Bring the nest down if you can. I'm sure Finnian would enjoy looking after them.” There was a very worried look an Agni's face as you picked up the nest. “Careful not to drop them.”

“Don't worry, I've got them.” With the nest now in hand, you slowly walked across the roof and back to the ladder. You weren't quite sure how you were going to get down with a nest full of squirming chicks in your hand, but you were sure going to try. “Make sure that thing's steady, I'm coming down.” Holding the nest close to your chest, you took the first few steps down. “So far so good.” You were beginning to have a hard time keeping balance. Being so focused on not dropping the nest, you lost your footing and went plummeting to the ground below. With your eyes shut tight, as if that would somehow protect you, you clung to the nest, hoping the chicks inside wouldn't be harmed.

Agni shoved the ladder aside and ready to catch you. “I've got you, just hold tight to those baby birds!” What seemed like an eternity later, you fell into his arms. “Are you okay? I knew I shouldn't have let you up there.” He held you tightly, half smothering you. “I'm so sorry, this is unforgivable.” Tears weld up in his eyes as he held you even closer.

“H-hey, I'm okay.” You quickly hugged him with one arm, trying to keep him from felling bad. “Don't worry about it. Besides, we need to let Finny know he's a mother.”

“Tell him what?” The chirping of the chicks helped Agni remember what you were talking about. “Oh, right. We should go do that. Are you able to walk, or would you rather I carried you?”

For some reason, his simple question made you blush terribly. “I can walk, no need to carry me.”

“Are you sure? Your voice is weak, and you're a bit red.” Agni frowned. “ to be safe, I think I should carry you.” Though you tried to dispute him, he quickly hushed you and continued carrying you into the Phantomhive home. “You seem a bit better.” Agni slowly and very carefully placed your feet on the floor. “If you get dizzy, let me know. Now, let's find Finnian.”

“Okay, that's a good idea.” Walking along side Agni, you couldn't help but feel a little nervous. You really tried hard to calm your nerves, but the more you tried, the worse they seemed to get. “A-any idea where Finny might be?”

“I would guess he'd be in the garden as he usually is, but-.” Agni stopped and looked at you. “You look flushed again. That fall must really harmed you worse than I thought. ” He immediately became worried over your health. “You should wait here. I can find him on my own. I don't want you getting hurt or anything like that.”

As embarrassing as it was, you knew you couldn't have Agni going around thinking you were ill. He'd be upset with himself forever. “I'm fine, it's not the fall that's making me red. It's called blushing. I'm blushing okay?”

“Blushing?” Agni's face turned slightly pink. “Why would you be doing that? Have I done something to embarrass you?”

“N-no, I just, I don't even know why I'm blushing.” Unable to hide your face due to your hands being full, your blush grew, now covering your neck, shoulders, and even your ears.

Agni chuckled quietly. “I understand you're feelings. The same thing happens to me when I'm around, certain people for any length of time.” He smiled, but was obviously becoming nervous as he spoke. “I suppose we just can't help certain things.”

The idea of Agni getting flustered around someone else really annoyed you for odd some reason. “Do you get like that around a lot of people, or. Never mind, I really shouldn't be asking you something personal like that.”

“No, only one person causes this.” He moved so that he was now in front of you. “If I am to be completely honest, that person is you.” Agni smiled, obviously happy to have told you. “I hope I haven't made things more uncomfortable for you.” With his confession out of the way, Agni seemed ready to kiss you.  Before he had a chance, the chicks began chirping loudly. “Ah, I seem to have forgotten our purpose here. Forgive me.”

“It's okay, I forgot what we were doing too.” You giggled. “We should probably get these little babies to Finny now, or they'll start to think I'm their mother.”

“You'd make a wonderful mother to them. But I suppose you're right.” Agni took your hand once more and restarted the search for Finnian. “Unless of course, you wanted to raise them together. I've always wanted to raise a baby animal.”
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