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        “No, no, no. You are doing it all wrong. Put that over there and I want that to be blue.” Though Soma was always a little bit bossy, he was being more than a little controlling when it came to his birthday decorations. Just watching him order around Agni like this was a bit painful for you to watch. “No, not there, over, you know what, just let me do it. I need everything to be perfect.” Soma snatched the large, decorative centerpiece from Agni and placed it in a place he deemed worthy. “See, that's much better than before.”

Honestly, you liked it better where Agni had it, but you didn't want to say anything that might upset Soma. “It looks nice.” Looking over at Agni, you could tell that even as patient and calm as he normally was, he was beginning to get slightly agitated by Soma's micromanaging. An idea to get him out of Agni's hair popped into your head. “Soma, I need your help with something. You don't mind do you?”

“No, of course not. What is it?” Grinning in a pompous, overzealous way, Soma skipped over to you and took your hand. “I''m ready to help you with anything you might need.”

Sensing your plan, Agni gave you a thankful look and rushed off to do what needed done before Soma could stop him again. “Well, there will be a ton of people here later, and I need you to okay all the food. I wouldn't want your guests getting sick or anything.”

“Oh, I can definitely do that.” Soma placed his hand on his growling stomach and furrowed his brows. “I haven't eaten all day you know. I'm actually terribly hungry right now.” Hand in hand, the two of you walked into the kitchen where all the food was already neatly plated and ready to serve. “All of this smells and looks so good. Now I want to eat everything.” For the next few minutes, he rushed to plate after plate, sampling every last dish. Once he'd had at least a little taste of everything, he stepped back, crossed his arms over his chest and smiled complacently. “These are all so good. I don't want to change anything at all.”

“Why thank you, I'm very glad you approve.” Never even slightly worried that Soma wouldn't approve, Sebastian gave him a cheerful bow. “If I might sir, I believe your party is soon to begin. You wouldn't want to be late to your own birthday.”

“Oh, you are right.” Grabbing your elbow tightly, Soma ran back out to the man room. “Stay with me, you have an important part in my party.” Without explaining what he'd meant by that, he gave you a playful little wink and had you sit down next to him at the grand dinner table.

Soma's words took you by complete surprise. Suddenly nervous, excited and worried all at once, you felt your heart beat quicken. “I have a what? No one told me about that. I'm not even dressed well enough to be at this party. Maybe you should get someone else to do what ever it is.”

Not at all concerned, Soma waved away your objections. “Don't worry about your clothes, you'll be changing them soon anyway. Now, where did Agni go? We can't continue without him.” Unwilling to look, or even have someone else go look for him, Soma placed his hands next to his mouth and prepared to shout for Agni.

“There's no need to shout, I'm right here.” As if he'd been able to hear his master's thoughts, Agni appeared between you and Soma. “I believe this is what you need.” Still offering no explanation, he placed a brown cardboard box on your lap and smiled. “Here you are miss.”

Understandably curious, you quickly opened up the box to find several, very elaborate articles of clothing. They were a deep red, trimmed in gold and adorned with jewels, sequence and tassels.  Even though you were pretty sure you already knew the answer, you had to ask, just to be sure. “What's this for exactly?”

“It's for you, obviously. My party needs to be perfect. And if it's going to be perfect, I need the perfect princess.” Soma hugged you tightly. “I've chosen you to be my princess. There is no one else near, or far better cut out for the roll. Now quickly, go change so that you can come back to me.” Releasing you from his hug, he gently shooed you of with a slight motion of the hand.

“Right, I'll, just go do that then.” Taking the box under your arm, you slowly stood up from the table and went to change. Before you left, you turned back to face them with a sheepish, almost embarrassed look on your face. “H-honestly, I don't really know how to put on these clothes. They're beautiful, but they're not quite the same as what I'm used to wearing. I'm afraid I might put them on incorrectly if I try to do it myself.”

“Don't worry, Agni can help you if you get confused.” Already growing impatient, Soma pushed Agni towards you. “Go with her, I want my princess to be perfect.” Though obviously not comfortable with helping you dress, Agni obeyed his masters orders and followed you upstairs to your bedroom.

“If you wouldn't mind, could you just wait outside my door? I'll only ask for your help if I really need it.”  Agni nodded, obviously relieved. Once in your room, with the door shut, you took the clothing from the box and did your very best to dress yourself in the unfamiliar clothes. After trying the clothes on in several different ways, you looked in your mirror and frowned. “I really don't think this is right.” Sighing to yourself, you opened the door and gave a doubting look at Agni. “Did I do this right, or is it completely wrong in every way?”

“Actually, you did quite well.” After quickly checking over your clothes, Agni nodded giving you his approval, then held his hand out for you. “You look lovely. Soma will be very pleased.” With everything as it should be, you were led back out to the dinning room and seated once again next to Soma.

“Finally, you're back. Now the real party can start.” Though you had only been seated for mere seconds, Soma quickly pulled you out of your seat and on to the makeshift dance floor. He held you tightly in his arms and then signaled for the music to begin. “I do hope you can dance. My princess must be able to dance.” As the music started, Soma began waltzing around the room with you. Though you knew how to dance, to some extent, the style of music was not at all what you were used to. Quickly gathering that you weren't used to this style, an amused look spread across Soma's face. “We'll have to work on this a little, I see. Just follow my lead, and don't stare at your feet. If you do, you'll get dizzy.” Soma gently lifted your chin with the tip of his finger, so that your eyes were on him and not the floor. “Keep your eyes on mine.”

Blushing slightly, you nodded. “O-okay, I'll do my best.” It took a minute or two for you to catch on, but following his lead actually seemed to work. You quickly adapted to the unique style of dance and started to enjoy yourself. The bright, rather adorable smile that lit up Soma's face made it apparent how happy your ability to pick up on things so quickly made him. As the two of you danced, he held you closer, in a slightly more intimate way. This dancing continued until your feet became sore and your legs went numb. At last, after who knew how long, the music stopped and you were allowed to sit again.

Seemingly unaffected by what felt like hours of dancing, Soma sat down next to you and gently held your chin in his fingertips. “You were absolutely magnificent. A perfect princess.” He placed a sweet, very happy kiss on your blushing cheek.

“Thank you. I'm glad I didn't make either of us look bad out there. I'll admit, I was pretty worried at first.” Tired, blushing, and very happy, you smiled up at him. “All that dancing tired me out though. I'll be sleeping very well tonight.”

“You're already thinking about sleeping?” Soma let out a loud laugh and snuggled you close. “But my dear princess, we haven't even had dinner yet.”

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Minami-Kousaka Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Prince Soma's face screams them seductive Masala! XD
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Oh Crap this won't end well for me will it?
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